Commercial Real Estate Law & Corporate Law

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Leading Negotiations: Buying + Selling Commercial Investment Properties


J.J.'s commitment is to deliver an equitable agreement that reflects the business deal negotiated and protects the best interests of her clients. When buying commercial real estate, clients look to J.J. to guide them through the purchase process - absolutely essential when entering new markets. The firm also conducts due diligence, confirming or refuting information provided by the other party, and identifying any issues or red flags that could affect the value or marketability of each property.


In our client's words: "What I value most about J.J.: her responsiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to resolve an issue. She is fair and firm, and protective without being overprotective. This is exactly what we need."

Lease Negotiations

For retail companies opening stores, location, store design, storefront and signage rights are crucial to sales and long-term success. For growing businesses who need office space, flexibility rules. J.J. provides thorough review, insightful recommendations, and fast turnaround of lease transactions.


In J.J.'s words: "I’m a friendly, assertive advocate for my client’s best interests, and am known for asking for more concessions from landlords than my client technically deserves."


What business associates say: "J.J. knows commercial real estate inside and out. She is particularly helpful with retailers expanding throughout California and the US. She always seems to have just the right connections for wherever our clients need to go." 

     - Philip Klaparda, Dembo Realty

Ongoing Commercial Real Estate + Corporate Law

Growth businesses demand experienced, insightful legal support - fast - on a wide variety of business issues. Known for her ability to quickly master each client's business model, culture, and unique needs, J.J. teams with general counsel or serves as outside counsel on commercial real estate, contracts, entertainment issues and regulatory matters.


In our client's words:  "Over the years, J.J. has become the legal support for my client’s entire US operation, as we can always count on her to handle whatever issues arise or guide us to the right resource to handle the problem, no matter what state or legal issue."

- Patricia V. de L. Guidi, Law Consultant


Financing + Joint Venture Agreements

Procuring bank financing is a complex process. J.J. negotiates loan agreements and ancillary loan documents, delivers legal opinions and provides the myriad closing deliveries required by the lender. Traditional financing, SBA loans, you name it - J.J. will get it done.


Forming a joint venture can be challenging. J.J. ensures that each joint venture agreement clearly specifies management rights and control of the entity, as well as what capital contributions are required, when, and how distributions will be handled.


In our client's words: "The most valuable thing is your ability to be on top of things – focused and organized. We know you won’t let any ball drop."

Entertainment, Marketing + Social Media Law


J.J. delivers the legal documents critical to the successful production of theater, music, television and online entertainment projects. Retail clients rely on J.J. for legal advice on marketing and promotional activities, from design services agreements with indie music stars to TV advertising starring celebrities to sponsorships for international music festivals.


It seems like there is a new social media brand launched every day. Companies rely on J.J. to help balance their use of a wide variety of social media for marketing and promotion with the unique legal constraints of each industry.