J.J.'s Perspective
Code of Excellence


J.J. is a strategic, business-minded attorney. Her objective: to get the best deal, terms or outcome for each client while moving deals forward quickly, and keeping all sides on good terms.


The guiding principles of the Law Offices of J.J. Sherman, P.C.:


  • Immediately internalize each client’s short-term and long-term business objectives

  • Assess exactly what is most important to each client in each transaction

  • Understand each business deal – down to the finest detail

  • Contribute value to every conversation and every business transaction

  • Be responsive – every day, every deal

  • Resolve every problem our clients bring us as quickly and efficiently as possible


J.J. employs a practical, friendly, and assertive approach, understanding that it is critical to maintain business relationships while getting the best deal for each client.



"J.J. knows commercial real estate inside and out. Our clients comment on her fast turnaround time and how she adds value to their business discussions."


- Philip Klaparda, Dembo Realty

Law Offices of J.J. Sherman, P.C. • 4470 W Sunset Boulevard # 610 • Los Angeles, CA 90027 • 213-984-1806
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