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Commercial Agreements:

Growth businesses demand experienced, insightful legal advice for their daily operations and growth. J.J. advises clients on a wide variety of commercial agreements including procurement, marketing, licensing, technology, and entertainment matters. A strategic, business-minded attorney, J.J. employs a practical, friendly, and assertive approach to commercial agreements, understanding that it is critical to maintain business relationships while getting the best deal for each client.

Lease Negotiations:

Businesses look to J.J. to advise them on their leases and to guide them through both ordinary and extraordinary markets. J.J. leads commercial lease negotiations (retail, office, warehouse, etc.) and handles all legal aspects relating to leases, lease amendments, lease assignments, lease workouts, and lease terminations. J.J.’s commitment is to deliver an equitable commercial lease that reflects the business deal negotiated and protects the best interests of her clients.

Buying & Selling Real Estate:

When buying or selling real estate, clients look to J.J. to guide them through the purchase and sale process – from letter of intent to closing. J.J. works to contribute value to every conversation and every business transaction.

Data Privacy:

For companies processing EU personal data, J.J. negotiates data processing agreements required by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) to ensure GDPR compliance.

Entertainment & Marketing:

Clients rely on J.J. for legal advice on licensing, marketing, and promotional activities such as sponsorship agreements, licensing deals, celebrity design services, talent agreements, and advertising releases. J.J. applies a smart, non-confrontational negotiating style with each business deal.

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