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“I consistently use J.J. for both agreements and legal counsel across an array of subject matters.  She is extremely bright, logical, and very easy to work with. Not only does she respond in a timely manner with comprehensive information, she has proved to be invaluable on a number of lease negotiations. Her advice is always well thought out and she definitely fights for her clients in the best way!”


“We have been working with J.J. since we negotiated our first lease for Modern Animal. J.J. has proven herself to be one of our most trusted advisors across our entire business; a consummate professional, J.J. knows the legal side of real estate inside and out. It's clear she is well respected by her counterparts, while fully committing herself to achieving the absolute best possible outcome for her clients. J.J. regularly educates clients on the state of the market and knows how to deftly navigate situations with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


“Working with J.J. Sherman has been a terrific experience for The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. She’s a wonderful advocate and so smart in asking both the Foundation and whomever we are sitting across the table from the right questions. Even better she comes up with the right solutions. She anticipates so much, and she always does the work in such a positive way that both our partners and us feel good about what we are doing. The Foundation is in a much better place because of Sherman’s efforts on our behalf."

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“At St. John’s Law School our students interested in real estate, and our real estate law programs, have benefitted greatly from J.J.’s involvement and collaboration. J.J. never hesitates to step up to the plate to appear on CLE panels and provide mentoring, advice, and guidance to our students. She brings to the table a unique perspective as a law firm founder and bi-coastal practitioner, as well as a deep knowledge of commercial real estate – in particular leasing, in which her expertise is recognized in both California and New York. In addition, she is a wonderful person who is an absolute pleasure to work within every setting!“

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